Do You Value Your Vehicle?

Posted: February 16, 2016

When shopping for a new vehicle, be it a first time purchase or finally having to replace the old reliable family car, what do you look for?

Is it all about getting the best price, or perhaps this purchase is about fuel economy.  Will you really love your new vehicle if it doesn't meet all your needs, including visual appeal?  There are so many aspects to consider before agreeing on the right vehicle which is practical for your needs and satisfies your wants in this purchase.

But what about vehicles with the best value, guess that depends on what you consider best value. Value is defined as "the regard that something is held to deserve, the importance, worth or usefulness of something".  That being said,  what are the vehicles considered to be the cars of the best value in Canada?  Consider these vehicles when your car shopping day comes:

According to the 2015 Vincentric Best Value Awards of Canada (Vincentric is a Data Analysis Firm specializing in lifecycle cost measurement)

Best Value Passenger Vehicle Brand - Toyota
Best Luxury Brand - Lexus
Best Truck Brand - Ram

Toyota won more categories than any other company with 12 top places if that helps in determining a make or dealer you wish to visit.

Other winners included:

Compact Coupe - Kia Forte 
Compact Hatchback - Mazda3
Compact Sedan - Kia Forte
Compact Hybrid - Toyota Prius
Premium Compact Sedan - Audi A3
Premium Compact Hybrid - Lexus CT 200h
Mid Size Coupe - Honda Accord
Mid Size Sedan - Toyota Camry
Large Sedan - Toyota Avalon
Prestige - Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid
Sports Car - Dodge Challenger
Premium Sports Car - Porsche Cayman
Wagon - Volkswagon Golf Sportwagon
Mid-Size Crossover - Toyota Highlander
Large Crossover - Ford Explorer
Compact/Mid-Size SUV - Jeep Wrangler
Mid-Size Pickup - Toyota Tacoma
Full Size 1/2-ton Pickup - Ford F150
Full Size 3.4-ton Heavy Duty Pickup - Dodge Ram 2500

Lots of choices, perhaps too many options to choose from when vehicle shopping.  Choose wisely, it's a costly investment - one that you hope lasts as long as you need it to.

Information provided by The Globe and Mail article published July 23, 2015

Better than expectations, I guess so! Thank you, I appreciate your effort.

Gordon, Policyholder