Driving Safety Tips For Rural Motorists

Posted: February 16, 2016

Whether it's due to being late for work or not fully appreciating how fast one is going, just about everyone has driven north of the speed limit at some point in their driving career. Depending on how fast someone was travelling, where the incident took place and the temperament of the provincial office, these violations can frequently wind up affecting one's local car insurance rates if handed a ticket.

In rural environments, however, especially in parts of the province where drivers live and work, speeding tends to be less of an issue. Yet despite driver's travelling at or below the posted speed limit, that doesn't mean that they're not at risk for being involved in an accident, mainly due to the nature of country roads and how winding they can be.

For example, according to a recent study conducted by safe driving organization Young Factbase, which is based in Australia, researchers found that when there are more than one vehicle travelling in the same direction on the road, car accidents are more likely to take place, largely because of the heightened volume levels. However, when travelling on sparsely populated roads, such as those that are in rural settings single-vehicle crashes are more likely to take place compared to if drivers are travelling alone on a highway or in an urban area.

Rebecca Ivers, a researcher who was involved in the study, said that this came as a surprise. She stated that increased efforts need to be made at government levels no matter where winding roads are located to help reduce the risk of accidents through "greater use of engineering measures" that can help make roads less serpentine.

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