Erie offers Flood Coverage

Posted: July 28, 2016

Effective August 1, 2016 Erie Mutual Insurance will begin offering Comprehensive Water Protection to eligible policyholders who already have sewer backup coverage in place and who live in a low risk area.

This new coverage will allow for one simple combined policy endorsement which provides an Overland Water and Sewer Backup solution !!

Included in this comprehensive coverage for pollicyholders ?  In additiona to flood and sewer backup, policyholders coverage will also include ground water, surface water, and sewer & water line failure.

Flooding can occur anywhere, with little or no warning !!

Policyholders who qualify are now reassured that their policy coverage will insure them and protect against this additional water damage.

Please accept my apology for not notifying you of insurance cancellation on Dads house. I erroneously thought that once his house transferred to my name his insurance canceled automatically. I feel bad about this as you were one of the most helpful during the difficult times in settling his affairs. The banks and government should follow your example of professionalism.

Jim Poth, Prospect