Maximize the Use of A CRM

Posted: February 16, 2016

It has become an essential tool in linking our sales and underwriting departments, also allowing use by loss prevention, finance and marketing throughout the process.

A recent CRM blog from Claritysoft highlights some of the must-have reports available through this program. We can successfully manage sales activities by each sales rep and by type of activity, leads and prospects. Managers can also examine opportunities by sales stage, customer segment, by rep and product. Marketing insights are extremely valuable to every business to determine lead sources, win/loss ratios, and success of various campaigns.  Check out more of what a CRM can offer your company, visit today.

My coverage looks pretty much the same as what you gave me but I am not happy with them; the customer service isn't there either because you deal with a call centre. So, I am glad I got a referral to Erie. Great customer service so far.

Michelle Odaisky, Referral Prospect