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Auto Insurance Discounts You Never Knew You Qualified For


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Escalating costs of your vehicle have a profound effect on your budget. Maintenance expenses, unpredictable fuel prices, and insurance premiums combine to make owning a vehicle an unaffordable luxury at times. We understand that for many, there are no feasible alternatives.

Before you decide to begin deleting coverage or reducing limits to save some money, we always consider if there may be any additional discounts which could be applied to reduce your overall rate. An annual review of your auto insurance policy with an Erie Mutual professional insurance advisor could result in savings from a simple discussion about the driver, use of the vehicle or other unique circumstances which meet the criteria of a discount. We want to offer you the best price possible.

Most auto insurance discounts are fairly common and easily recognizable, such as Multi-Vehicle, Multi-Line or Loyalty as a long term member or policyholder. But for Erie Mutual members, there are some additional discounts available you may not have realized you qualify for, including:

Winter Tire Discount

Applied to private passenger or farm automobiles equipped with four winter tires which are installed on the vehicle during the winter season of November to April. The tires need to carry the approved winter tire designation which was implemented by Transport Canada (tires are marked with a pictograph of a peaked mountain with a snowflake).

Student Away From Home Discount

Applies to eligible occasional drivers within your household who live away from home while attending school. The discount is based on the distance to school (either less than or greater than 150km.) It does not apply if the auto is driven to school or is with the student while away from home, in which case the vehicle should be insured with the student as a principal operator.

Short Distance to Work Discount

For those who operate a private passenger vehicle and drive 5km or less to work. This depends on where you live, but applies in most areas.

GenNow Discount

For private passenger automobiles where the policyholder and principal operator is under the age of 25. The discount applies if the parents of the policyholder/principal operator are also insured with Erie, with a minimum of one vehicle carrying mandatory road coverage. The policy must be issued in the name of the principal operator who is also the registered owner of the vehicle to which the discount is applied.

Theft Deterrent System Discount

For those private passenger or light farm vehicles which are six years old and newer. To qualify, the vehicle must have an approved after market theft system (the Immobilizer must be approved by the Insurance Bureau of Canada and professionally installed). Vehicles which are manufactured with Theft Deterrent Systems are not eligible for this discount since they receive a lower rate automatically.

Regardless if you are searching for a new insurer, purchasing your first auto insurance policy or renewing for an additional term we recommend you take the time to meet with a professional insurance advisor to discuss your coverage, limits, and options. When you do, be sure to ask about discounts offered and if you qualify. The savings are available but can sometimes be overlooked if you don’t ask enough questions or offer enough information.


Article Written by Darcy Johnson

Erie Mutual Insurance Manager – Sales, Marketing & Business Development

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