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Preparing Before a Crash


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Tips and advise on crashes is readily available through many sources. The proper use of your seatbelt is a good place to start, ensuring the shoulder harness is worn across your shoulder and chest without slack. A lap belt should be snug and lay low across your hips after fastening. Always be seated upright with your back against the seat and feet on the floor.

It is also recommended to know where all air bags are located within the vehicle to avoid placing any items between the air bag and yourself. Keep hands holding the steering wheel on its sides, avoid crossing your arms to prevent impact by jewelry to your body/face if the airbag is activated.

There are numerous objects within your vehicle which can become dangerous flying items if you are involved in a crash; keep loose items in your trunk or ensure they are secured.

Survival tools should always be kept handy within the vehicle, including a seatbelt cutter, fire extinguisher and cell phone for any emergency that could arise in an accident.

Be sure it is safe to exit your vehicle after an accident, is the roadway safe? Once exiting the vehicle find a safe location away from the accident to contact 911 and report the incident and any injuries.

Accidents are never expected and not always avoided. Protect yourself and be safe!!

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