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Road Tripping Outside of Ontario? Make Sure You’re Covered


Auto Insurance

When hitting the open road and traveling outside the province, motorists usually don’t consider whether or not their auto insurance is covered. If you’re from Ontario and an accident occurs in another province or in the US, what happens? Are you protected?

As an Erie Mutual Insurance Member, you can have peace of mind knowing you and other insured persons have covered anywhere in Canada, the United States, and any other jurisdiction under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS). Your auto insurance also covers you if you’re traveling between ports of those countries on a vessel. Regardless of where you travel, it’s important to remember all dollar limits under your policy will be in Canadian funds.

Should you choose to flock far south and decide to cross the United States border to Mexico, you will not be covered under an Erie Mutual insurance policy. However, for your convenience, Mexican auto insurance can be purchased at the Mexican border. But for those looking to save a few loonies, it’s cheaper to purchase insurance policy prior to your travel. Visit to learn more ways you can purchase an insurance policy in minutes.

Whether you’re planning an extensive road trip across Canada or you find yourself confused about a liability claim, it’s important to have open communication with your insurance company. Depending on where you travel, there may be regulations different than those in Ontario; as such, it’s good to speak with your insurance advisor. Erie Mutual Insurance agents are always available to answer your questions and discuss the extent of your coverage with you. Reach out today; we strive to exceed your expectations.


Article Written by Darcy Johnson

Erie Mutual Insurance Manager – Sales, Marketing & Business Development

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