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The Value of an Insurance Agent, at Zero Cost


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Purchasing the right insurance for your personal assets is a big decision. After all, if you get it wrong, items including your home, cottage, automobiles or your business are major financial investments that you would not be able to easily replace. This is why you need professional advice, the fact it’s free is a bonus.

Why an Agent?

It stands to reason that you would want professional advice when buying insurance, from someone you trust and takes the time to understand your unique insurance needs and concerns. An insurance agent is a licensed professional and an insurance expert for the company and products they represent.

An agent will want to meet with you in person to discuss your insurance; it’s beneficial if they can visit you at your property if you are considering residential insurance (or your place of business for commercial insurance) as it gives them the opportunity to view the property and consider some insurance needs that you may not have thought about. An experienced agent will begin taking mental notes as they pull in your driveway or walk up to the door: Was there a swimming pool alongside the house? Did I notice a business sign in the yard or window indicating a home based business? Were there solar panels on the roof of the house or other buildings? Are there additional services or products available on site?

Although some agents may be compensated by their employer in the form of commission, others are paid a straight salary (for some insurers a combination of both may apply). Either way, purchasing your insurance through an agent does not raise the cost of your insurance.

An insurance agent is very valuable, both for you and for the insurer. Their experience and knowledge will help you tremendously. An Erie Mutual Insurance agent, for example, can offer you options or packages which fit your needs and budget, can identify discounts which will reduce your premium, and can recommend or offer suggestions that are in your best interest to protect you and your family financially in the event of a loss.

Keep It Personal

You are likely aware that the online purchase of insurance has increased significantly over the years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the preference of buyers to deal with people. The element of a personal touch simply can’t be replaced. That’s why Erie Mutual takes such pride in our history of knowing our members since 1871. Your relationship with an insurer really begins when you meet with an insurance agent at the time of purchase.

As insurance changes over the years, or as your insurance needs change throughout your life, an insurance agent will continue to offer professional advice and assist you in making informed decisions. There’s plenty of factors that may be considered when purchasing your insurance, look for a company that offers value in it’s people over the cost of the product. Isn’t it reassuring to know that one of the most valuable elements of your insurance coverage doesn’t cost you cent?


Article Written by Darcy Johnson

Erie Mutual Insurance Manager – Sales, Marketing & Business Development

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