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You Can’t Make an Informed Decision in Seconds


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There are two things that most everyone would like to save, money and time. Unfortunately, we can’t always apply this to all aspects of life, some things are worth the time you invest in them, including any financial or insurance product purchase. Make rushed decisions for only those things that aren’t important in life, but for those that could have a profound impact on your home, farm, business, or your family it’s best to invest the appropriate time to make an informed decision.

The Value in Asking Questions

Too many times we make a purchase having only listened to the sales pitch of what we’re getting, when what we should really be doing is asking of ourselves – what is it that we truly want out of this purchase, what’s most important if/when you have a claim? We understand that people are in a rush these days, you want to go through the required paperwork quickly, make your payment and complete the purchase. We recommend you consider questions you might want to ask prior to making your insurance purchase including What are my options? What does this include? Does this offer the full protection I need?

The Value of an Insurance Agent

The intent is to never use your insurance coverage, but that doesn’t mean it’s a wise decision to simply pay money for a product that won’t fulfill its purpose should you ever need to claim against your policy. Online purchases provide convenience and can sometimes result in savings, but they fail to provide any sense of educating the consumer and lack the ability to develop a relationship with a provider who can identify and address your insurance needs. An agent will physically assess your property, determining the proper house insurance limit to insure you to full value. They will ask about your contents and personal belongings to advise if your policy offers this protection or if you may wish to consider additional insurance options for the proper coverage. An agent will assist in selecting which optional accident benefits you require under your auto insurance and will advise when it makes sense to add or delete extra coverage. They get to know your business and your comfort level with risk, what you’re willing to self-insure versus what your business requires to maintain operations when faced with a loss.

Review Your Purchase

Remember that your insurance policy is not a one time purchase for the life of your home, auto or business. Your policy renews annually and should be reviewed at such time. Don’t simply assume that nothing has changed, take a step back and reassess your situation before committing to another year’s premium of the same coverage. Life changes and your insurance should change with it. Stay up to date, amend your policy throughout the term when necessary and meet with a professional insurance advisor to discuss the continuance of every insurance policy.


Article Written by Darcy Johnson

Erie Mutual Insurance Manager – Sales, Marketing & Business Development

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