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Farm Accidents Happen More Often Than You Think | Sep 12 2017

Much has changed in recent years with farm operations but one thing remains constant, farmers still work long hours, the workload is heavy, and you need to be alert to possible hazards and dangers on your farm.

What We Value About Insurance - And You Should Too | Sep 5 2017

Your insurance purchase and customer experience should provide you a lot of value, especially in terms of service and claims settlement. If you find that's not your reality, it may be the case, as is often true, that you only get what you pay for.

Auto Insurance Discounts You Never Knew You Qualified For | Aug 30 2017

Escalating costs of your vehicle have a profound effect on your budget. Maintenance expenses, unpredictable fuel prices, and insurance premiums combine to make owning a vehicle an unaffordable luxury at times. We understand that for many, there are no feasible alternatives.

We Must Do More | Oct 17 2016

The time to do more is now! Get informed about climate change and build your community into a greener one. We know our climate is warmer, wetter and wilder than ever before so we are really left with no choice but to change!

NEW Accident Benefit Options | Jul 28 2016

Effective June 1, 2016 Ontario auto insurance policyholders will be given new options when it comes to choosing their Accident Benefit coverage limits.

Erie offers Flood Coverage | Jul 28 2016

Effective August 1, 2016 Erie Mutual Insurance will begin offering Comprehensive Water Protection to eligible policyholders who already have sewer backup coverage in place and who live in a low risk area.

Do You Value Your Vehicle? | Feb 16 2016

When shopping for a new vehicle, be it a first time purchase or finally having to replace the old reliable family car, what do you look for?

Maximize the Use of A CRM | Feb 16 2016

It has become an essential tool in linking our sales and underwriting departments, also allowing use by loss prevention, finance and marketing throughout the process.

Preparing Before A Crash | Feb 16 2016

Tips and advise on crashes is readily available through many sources.

Driving Safety Tips For Rural Motorists | Feb 16 2016

Whether it's due to being late for work or not fully appreciating how fast one is going, just about everyone has driven north of the speed limit at some point in their driving career.

Farm Equipment on the Highway | Feb 16 2016

As some of you may have seen, Erie Mutual hosted a seminar at the Dunnville Community Lifespan Centre on February 27, 2015 called “Protecting your Farm”.

5 Ways to Protect Your Car From Road Salt | Feb 16 2016

No matter where you are, eight feet of snow is an awful lot. But in Canada, these totals can be fairly typical in a number of different provinces

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