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The following links and resources are available to assist you and provide additional information if required.

Like most people, if you think about it, you have questions about insurance. Trouble is, you’re also very busy, and those questions go unanswered. But the information you need is out there, and it’s not hard to find. Check out the links below for some quick facts.

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Had an auto accident?
Here’s what to do.

Print this card and keep it in your vehicle. It makes for an easy list of the information we’ll need when you call to report your claim.

Useful Links

Ontario Mutual Insurance Association

Ontario Driver Licencing Information

Service Ontario

Insurance Bureau of Canada

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Resources & Links - phone

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Jen Van de kamer

Account Representative

Most Mutual insurance companies have been in your local community for over a hundred years, and take an active part in contributing to the betterment of the services and clubs you enjoy. You’ll soon come to realize that we’re about people and building a trusting relationship with our members as we provide the insurance you require for your personal or business needs. We’re owned by our members, and keep your best interest in mind in everything we do.

Of course we do, but more importantly we understand the insurance needs within our local community better than other companies might. Our professional insurance advisors take the time to assess and provide the best insurance coverage to all members, meeting with you and your family to ensure proper protection is always in place.

We want your insurance experience to be easy and convenient, that’s why we offer various options to communicate with our members. We’re always available by phone or walk-in during office hours, but you can also send us an email or message us through the website. Have a smart phone? Send us a text, we’ll always respond in a timely manner to all your insurance needs.

If you’re only buying insurance based on the price, you’ll find we’re very competitive with most other insurers. But if its value for your insurance premium you’re looking for then you won’t be disappointed. Erie Mutual is committed to offering you full value in every aspect of your insurance experience, it’s what we do best! Friendly professional service and insurance advice is always available from any member of our team, we know that insurance is a complicated purchase so we make it easier by explaining your coverage in terms you can understand, we’ll educate you on the choices and options available for all your insurance needs so you can make an informed decision. Our loss prevention efforts will ensure safety for you and your family, we’ll keep you protected. Should you have a claim, rest assured you’ll be taken care of by our team with a genuine interest in your well being who will treat you fairly and quickly to the best of our ability. Our core values and customer charter are the basis on which we’ve built the Erie Mutual culture and our team. We’re traditionalist with a flaire for innovation as a leader in the mutual insurance industry.

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