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Why Erie?

Erie Mutual's Customer Charter is a set of four promises we're making to you, our valued customer. The following promises have been made by every Erie Mutual director and employee, to ensure that each customer has a rewarding and long-lasting experience with Erie.

  • We will treat you with respect.

    We will have due regard for your insurance needs and wants and for the personal information we collect from you. Our respect for you is at the forefront of everything we do. The business decisions and choices we make are driven by the respect we have for all of our customers.

  • We will act professionally at all times.

    Professionalism in our workplace is not just about donning an expensive suit or climbing to the top rung of the company ladder. Professionalism is the culmination of appearance, actions and making the right decisions when it counts the most. We will all act professionally at all times throughout our business relationship with you.

  • We will strive to exceed your expectations as your insurer.

    Exceeding your expectations is everyone's job at Erie Mutual. Whether it's responding to an after-hours claim or spending 5 to 6 hours inspecting your farm to ensure your safety, we will do what it takes to exceed your expectations.

  • We are committed to providing you full value for the premiums you pay.

    We believe the value you receive from us as our customer, should go beyond the insurance coverage you pay premiums for. Objective insurance advice, comprehensive loss prevention, community investment and a commitment to service excellence, are just a few of the extra things we do to deliver the most value for your dollar.


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Our Community

Erie Mutual is proud to be a corporate citizen within our local community. We continue to sponsor, participate and donate to numerous groups/organizations and events annually.

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Our History

The Erie Mutual Fire Insurance Company was first organized on July 15, 1871 at Rainham, County of Haldimand. It commenced business on September 2, 1871 under a 9 member Board of Directors led by President Wm. Holmes. Initially, two people - Messrs. David Boyer and Abraham Nash, were appointed as account executives by the company but were restricted to taking applications at the rate of 50 cents in the townships of Rainham, South Cayuga and Dunn only.

In its early days, the company only insured farm buildings against loss through fire. Today, the company offers complete farm, auto and residential coverage to over 4,000 policyholders in the County of Haldimand and the Region of Niagara. Although our name no longer includes the word farmer, we continue to serve the farming community throughout our market area.

In 1984, Erie Mutual purchased an office building in Dunnville, Ontario and following some extensive renovations, the company's head office was relocated to this more central location. Fourteen years later, an additional property was purchased and renovated, to house our growing business and its operations.

As Erie Mutual has grown and prospered over the past 140 years, it remains a well capitalized, progressive insurance company still dedicated to the core values and objectives set forth by our founding board 140 years ago.

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Care and service for the policyholders is a good recipe for success, especially in this day and age

Kurt & Barbara, Policyholder