We offer our professional advice to help our members better understand a confusing auto insurance policy.

Let us take the time to explain the coverage, the options available to you and what you should expect if anything happens. Rest assured, our claims team will take great care of you if and when you need us.

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Learn More About What Areas We Cover

Private Passenger Vehicles

What year and type of vehicle you drive have a big impact on your insurance.Most everyday private passenger vehicles are used for personal travel, completing errands or commuting to work. Although these vehicles are rated according to use, we can offer the discounts you qualify for to reduce your overall premium and save you some money.

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Motorcycle Insurance

Coverage includes motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds and is available for a wide range of qualifying bikes. Our coverage is intended to supplement existing Erie Mutual policies, we can make your insurance experience easier having everything covered by one company.

Learn More About Motorcycle Insurance

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Motorcycle Safety

Motorhome Insurance

Insurance coverage is available for your recreational vehicle when used for personal travel, we want you to know you’re insured properly and fully enjoy your family vacation.

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ATV Insurance

Maintaining adequate insurance on your all terrain vehicles will allow you to explore without limits, travel the trails with friends and family knowing you’re covered. Theft of ATVs are always a concern, let’s get you covered in case you’re a victim.

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Antique and Classic Vehicle Insurance

Classic vehicles over twenty-year-old and antiques with limited use can be fully insured to enjoy from the moment you back out of your driveway. One last shine put the roof down and you’re ready to enjoy the summer weather.

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Trailer Insurance

Trailers for personal use can include a variety of purpose, including travel/tent trailers and utility trailers for everyday use. If we insure your towing vehicle, let’s add coverage for the trailer so that you can hook up and go when adventure calls.

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Snowmobile Insurance

Winter will be a joy, your insurance coverage can ensure your protection extends beyond the limit of your property to the fields and trails of our greater north, it’s worth the trip.

Learn more about Ontario snowmobile insurance.

Learn more about snowmobile laws in Ontario.

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Finding the Right Insurance Solution for You



Increased Accident Benefits, Protection Plus for accident forgiveness, and rental coverage for transportation replacement when needed.

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Physical damage coverage for your vehicle with collision and/or comprehensive protection.

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Liability coverage only to protect you against third party property damage or bodily injury.

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Physical Damagecheck markcheck mark
Accident Forgivenesscheck mark
Increased AB Optionscheck mark

Frequently Asked Questions

Samarth Patel

Account Executive

Who determines the value of my vehicle if it’s written off due to an accident?

There’s a misconception by most people that the insurance company will rip them off when a vehicle is a total loss, we want you to know that’s not true. Erie Mutual hires an independent auto appraiser who assesses the damage to your vehicle. The appraiser researches based on the current market value of your vehicle and provides us with a value for your automobile. If you do not agree with that value you have the right to hire your own independent appraiser. Your satisfaction with a fair and prompt settlement is important to us.

Are there limits on my injury resulting from an auto accident?

We know that auto accidents can sometimes result in mild to severe injury. If you are involved in an auto accident you can collect “Accident Benefits” from your own auto insurance company. These benefits include but are not limited to an Income Replacement Benefit, Medical Benefits including massage, chiropractor and physiotherapy treatment, prescriptions and in some cases Attendant Care coverage. On June 1, 2016, the government changed the limits available to you. You should speak with a professional insurance advisor to ensure you carry appropriate coverage and limits. Let us explain why you need to increase your limits, it’s more important than you realize.

What information should I have ready when I report an auto claim, what do I need to have?

Don’t panic if you’re in an auto accident, it happens. Ensuring you’re safe and getting your vehicle repaired is our job, and we do it well. If you are reporting an automobile accident it is important to give the adjuster your name, policy number (if you have it), particulars of the vehicle that was involved in the accident, the driver information (if it was not you), passenger information, the date of loss and police report details. We will need more, it is also very important to get the other driver’s name, address, drivers license number, insurance company, policy number and type of vehicle. To make it easier for you, simply take a picture with your phone of the drivers license, insurance slip, and license plate number and forward to the adjuster. We’ll have your claim started immediately.

Do I get a rental vehicle while the damage is being repaired to my automobile from an accident?

That can depend on details of the accident and the coverage you carry under your auto insurance policy. If you are not at fault for the accident and your insurance company confirms the other driver has valid insurance then yes, you are entitled to a rental while your car is being repaired, we’ll get you back on the road as soon as possible.

However, if you are at fault for an auto accident or the party that caused the damage is unidentified then you need to have purchased an OPCF 20 endorsement (Ontario Policy Change Form – Coverage for Transportation Replacement) that provides you the option to rent a vehicle. This endorsement normally has a maximum limit to the amount payable, it is recommended to discuss with our professional insurance advisor to ensure you have the appropriate level of coverage. This is an important coverage for single vehicle families, or if you commute daily, talk to us so we can add this coverage today!

Member Testimonials

  • “Wow!! I can’t thank Erie Mutual enough for how everyone on your team handled this claim. Your team has been no less than 5 Star from day one. The best insurance experience I have had thus far.”

    JP Salgueiro
    Erie Mutual Member (Dunnville)

  • "Erie Mutual makes having auto insurance easy, the way it should be. They explain my coverage and my options."

    Sylvia Johnson
    Erie Mutual Member (Dunnville)

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