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Member Charter

Erie Mutual’s Member Charter is a set of four promises we’re making to you, our valued member.

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We will treat you with respect

We will have due regard for your insurance needs and wants and for the personal information we collect from you. Our respect for you is at the forefront of everything we do. The business decisions and choices we make are driven by the respect we have for all of our members.

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We will strive to exceed your expectations as your insurer

Exceeding your expectations is everyone’s job at Erie Mutual. Whether it’s responding to an after-hours claim or spending 5 to 6 hours inspecting your farm to ensure your safety, we will do what it takes to exceed your expectations.

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We will act professionally at all times

Professionalism in our workplace is not just about donning an expensive suit or climbing to the top rung of the company ladder. Professionalism is the culmination of appearance, actions and making the right decisions when it counts the most. We will all act professionally at all times throughout our business relationship with you.

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We are committed to providing you full value for the premiums you pay

We believe the value you receive from us as our member, should go beyond the insurance coverage you pay premiums for. Objective insurance advice, comprehensive loss prevention, community investment and a commitment to service excellence, are just a few of the extra things we do to deliver the most value for your dollar.

Mission Statement

To be responsive to the changing needs of our mutual members by providing superior service and innovative products through our team of dedicated professionals. Our success will be measured through member satisfaction, continued growth and financial security.

Vision Statement

Erie Mutual will be the insurance provider for all residents, drivers, farm families and small businesses primarily in Haldimand County, the Niagara Region and their surrounding communities.

Tell us about your experience.

We would love to hear from you so we can improve our service and your experience.

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How much coverage
is enough?

We will always provide you with the proper coverage and adequate limits to meet all your insurance needs.

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Finding the right insurance
for you.

Your insurance needs change over time. Erie Mutual is a progressive insurance company based in the Hamilton Niagara region with a professional team to assess and match your needs with the best insurance available.

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