How to Report a Claim

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During regular office hours or after-hours, the easiest and quickest way to report your claim is to phone:



Please select from the options provided for new after-hours emergency claims.

Have an Open or Existing Claim?

Please forward any necessary documents or other communication regarding your open existing claim to the following email address at your convenience:


Please note: This email address is not intended to report a new claim.

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“We have never had an issue or claim thankfully, but we sleep well at night knowing that the insurance coverage recommended to us by Erie Mutual will be enough to help us get through any tough time.”- Christine Edwicker, Erie Mutual Member

What Happens Once You Report a Claim

Step 1:
Report Incident

Don’t panic, contact Erie Mutual Insurance by phone to speak with one of our representatives during regular business hours or our 24-hour after-hours service. Loss details will be recorded and provided to our claims team.

Step 2:
Assess Your Damage

We often need to assess the claim-related damage, our adjuster may do this or a qualified third party will be sent to provide an estimate of the damages to Erie Mutual Insurance. This is typically an easy process but is dependent on the extent of the damage.

Step 3:

Our adjuster will contact you to review the estimate of damages. You choose who does the work and repairs, or you may prefer a cash settlement option. When the repairs are complete, payment is made directly on your behalf.

Your Claims Timeline

Your claim will be handled by an adjuster who will be able to answer questions about the claims process. Damage can be assessed by a qualified professional and often estimates are received in a short period of time to ensure that work and repair begin without delay.

Chances are you need your vehicle to get to work, or anywhere else you need to go. In the event of an auto-related claim a rental vehicle can be made available, and for the duration of the time needed to order parts and repair your vehicle properly. This additional coverage, including your policy limit for this coverage, would have had to be purchased prior to your claim.

Damage to your home can be devastating at times. Cleanup can often begin while we wait for an accurate assessment of the total damage to be provided. Depending on the extent of work required cleanup timelines can vary, but it does take longer in the case of a larger loss like a house fire. Our claims team will work diligently to help ensure that the necessary work gets started without a lengthy delay or to arrange a cash settlement when appropriate. Your claim is important to us.

Claims affect your life, they alter your daily routine and can have an impact on your family. Erie Mutual realizes this and works hard to get things back to normal for you and your family.

Claims Testimonials From Erie Mutual Members

“We lived in our home for years never having to make a claim until the day our basement flooded. We cannot say enough about our great claims experience. Our basement was restored and our claim was handled in a consistently positive manner during a stressful time.” – Christine Barnes, Erie Mutual Member

“Our claim experience has been very positive. After our barn fire, the Erie team was there helping with everything and anything we needed. The staff at Erie Mutual we worked with are friendly, compassionate, helpful and available when we needed them most.” – Denise Marr (Marr Bros Farms), Erie Mutual Member

“In the recent loss of our house due to a fire, the Erie Mutual staff were always willing to offer assistance with smiles and kindness. Erie Mutual and its staff are highly recommended.” – Calvin & Connie Crumb, Erie Mutual Member

“Your team looked after us really well when our basement had a small flood. The mess was overwhelming, but you guys made it so easy. Thanks for being our insurance company.” – Cheryl Stephens, Erie Mutual Member

“Wow! I can’t thank Erie Mutual enough for how everyone on your team handled my auto insurance claim. Your team has been no less than (Five) 5 Star from day one. The best insurance experience I have had thus far.” – JP Salgueiro, Erie Mutual Member

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