We offer a quick and easy online payment to ensure full value for your premium, please fill out the form below (this option is not available for those on direct monthly pay). Want to switch to our pre-authorized payment plan? It’s simple and convenient, ask us how.

Would you like an alternative to paying on our website? No problem.

We also offer Erie Mutual members the convenience of annual payment in-office by cash, cheque, debit, or credit card (credit card payment is also available by phone). An etransfer payment option is now available for all annual pay policies! Although not a monthly pay option for those on our Monthly Payment Plan, etransfer may be used to provide a down payment or making up for an NSF. Our email (the only email) for etransfer is accounting@eriemutual.com

You have options!

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How much coverage
is enough?

We will always provide you with the proper coverage and adequate limits to meet all your insurance needs.

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Finding the right insurance
for you.

Your insurance needs change over time. Erie Mutual is a progressive insurance company based in the Hamilton Niagara region with a professional team to assess and match your needs with the best insurance available.

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