We Take your Safety Seriously

The role of Loss Prevention is also a key element in your overall customer experience for each member. Erie Mutual strongly believes that offering a service of property visits at no cost to you will assist in reducing claims, and preventing losses which would have a significant impact on the safety of you and your family.

Loss Prevention is an essential function at Erie Mutual Insurance; reinforcing that our team continue to seek, select, and retain only the best risk at the appropriate insurable value.

Erie Mutual also provides members with fire extinguishers at cost price and provides a free refill/inspection service of                      your fire extinguisher.                                


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I am now on my own and I had some questions about my home insurance, but did not know who to ask. I was very pleased that my Loss Prevention Rep was so helpful and friendly in answering all my questions during his visit to my home. I was thrilled that he told me that if I have any more questions, to give him a call! Thank you for making my day!!

Regular Visits to Insured Homes

It is important to know what you are insuring, that’s why we inspect all properties insured by Erie Mutual.  In addition, we continue to visit your property on a regular basis (normally every four years for a residential property and every two years for a farm property) to ensure your buildings are adequately insured, and that any safety or liability hazards may be identified and corrected. Our Account Executives will follow up after each Loss Prevention visit to discuss your policy, your coverage, and any concerns.

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