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Why buy your Insurance from a Mutual Insurance Company? | Nov 15 2017

Property and casualty (“P & C”) insurance of any kind – home, auto, commercial or farm, has become increasingly more commoditized over the past twenty years. Different insurance coverage, price and fewer number of insurers have all contributed to this trend. Let us not exclude the disruptive nature of new technologies, for they have dynamically thrust change on every participant in the P & C industry.

Commercial Insurance beyond Professional Liability | Nov 14 2017

Dr. John Doe is a family physician and has been caring for families in a small Ontario community for past ten years. His practice has grown considerably over that time, to now include 3,000 patients. This growth has necessitated Dr. Doe to invest in significantly more human and technological resources, to provide the medical care he needs and wants to.

The Insurance Consequences of Extreme Weather Events | Nov 7 2017

You likely can recall the horrific losses incurred in Fort McMurray as a result of catastrophic wildfires. No doubt, you remember the devastating floods in Alberta and Toronto. More recently, overland flooding in Quebec and wildfires in British Columbia have dominated the headlines over the past few months

Road Tripping Outside Of Ontario? Make Sure You’re Covered | Nov 1 2017

When hitting the open road and traveling outside the province, motorists usually don’t consider whether or not their auto insurance is covered. If you’re from Ontario and an accident occurs in another province or in the US, what happens? Are you protected?

Auto Accident Happen, And You May Get Sued | Oct 25 2017

There can be a lot of implications to being involved in an automobile accident. What if you, or a passenger, is injured? Will your auto insurance premium go up? How and where should you get your vehicle fixed properly? These are all good questions, but what most of us probably aren’t thinking is … what happens if I get sued? It can happen, good thing your auto insurer realizes this potential is real and has you protected.

Selling Insurance on Value, Not Price | Oct 23 2017

As an Insurance professional, it always concerns me when people shop their insurance rates and forget, or overlook, important things like coverage options and dwelling replacement cost. You may compare different property insurance markets that offer competitive pricing, but have you considered the overall value and service you receive from your current insurance provider?

Choose Your Auto Insurance Coverage Wisely | Oct 18 2017

Congratulations, you are the proud owner of a vehicle in Ontario!! Maybe it’s your very first car, or maybe you've picked up new wheels to match a change in lifestyle. One thing is certain: regardless of the vehicle type, style, or cost, you will need car insurance before getting behind the wheel and hitting the road. Consider options, but know what coverage is required. You’ll want to make sure you’re fully protected.

Give Your Commercial Business A Second Chance | Oct 17 2017

You’ve worked hard over the years, putting in the time and effort learning the trade from others and working for various employers. Over the past year or two, you’ve often wondered if it’s work the risk to venture out on your own and be your own boss. You’ve checked building locations, met with lenders to discuss the necessary financing required, and did your research to ensure yourself that your new business venture will be a success. Nowhere along this path was insurance ever a part of the equation.

Own a Special Item? Insure it Separately | Oct 11 2017

Ever had someone who’s worked in insurance look at one of your personal belongings and then say “you should have a rider on that” or “ask your insurance company about putting that on a floater?” What are they talking about? You already have coverage under your homeowner insurance that includes contents/personal property, right? So why would you need to insure any item differently? There’s good reason to consider this option.

Home Insurance is More Than a Dwellling | Oct 4 2017

Your insurance company has told you about the importance of insuring your house to its full value, which is great advice! But are you also discussing insurance for your personal property, detached buildings, or additional living expenses when you review the policy with a professional insurance agent? Probably not. You need to consider your financial position after a total loss, when you’ll having nothing.

The Value of An Insurance Agent, At Zero Cost | Sep 27 2017

Purchasing the right insurance for your personal assets is a big decision. After all, if you get it wrong, items including your home, cottage, automobiles or your business are major financial investments that you would not be able to easily replace. This is why you need professional advice, the fact it’s free is a bonus.

When High Risk Drivers Need Insurance | Sep 19 2017

We understand you need the use of your vehicle, it’s an important element of everyday life. What can we do to help when a driver in the house has had too many tickets or an accident?

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