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5 Hidden Dangers At Home That Should Not Be Ignored


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As a homeowner, we understand that there are many things that need taken care of, but these are 5 dangers that should never be ignored. We hope to bring our members valuable information that will help them identify and eliminate these dangers.

The leading causes of home injury are falls, poisoning, fires and burns, choking and suffocation, and drowning. With all things, there are proper precautions that can be taken to avoid these incidents.


Injuries due to falls can be easily avoided by drying wet floors, putting grips on staircases, and cleaning up miscellaneous objects from the ground. Teaching chidren to put away toys after play time is an important lesson starting at a young age. Other ways to avoid falls are to stabilize staircases, clear all outdoor steps, secure bathrooms with rugs or surfaces that are common to have water on them, and install support rails where necessary. Example: If a senior lives independently, it is important to ensure that all staircases and bathrooms are equipped with the proper stabilizing rails to avoid falls. We recommend that you check with your local hospital or a recognized medical equipment supplier to purchase the equipment that is right for you.


From smoke damage to total losses, fire damage is a common danger within residential homes. Believe it, this happens more often than you think, and both the short term and long term effects can be devastating financially and emotionally for your family. Candles and unattended hot tools (like an iron) can lead to an accidental fire in your home. Minimize risk by installing fire alarms, monitoring candles, unplug unused appliances, and purchase fire extinguishers. Example: Burning candles and incense is a popular practice, but we do not recommend allowing them burning longer than necessary and definitely not if you plan on leaving your home or even the room they are buring in. Some people may turn their ovens on while they run to the store for groceries, but this is VERY dangerous and can start fires easily.


Your simple headache or dizziness may stem from low exposure to carbon monoxide. High levels of CO can lead to more severe symptoms and even death. The toughest thing about CO is that it is virtually impossible to detect by smell, sight or sound. You can minimize risk by installing a CO detector and keeping up on home maintenance. We always suggest testing your carbon monoxide detector monthly when checking your smoke detector, make it a regular routine.


Cords on window dressings like blinds or curtains pose a serious threat to common strangling in small children and infants. Avoid this by putting cords away and trimming window cords. Wrap up any other window coverings. Special blind cord wraps are affordable, easy to install and transparent.


Even though it may not sound like a household hazard, burns can easily be caused by dishwashers and stoves. Be sure to latch your dishwasher, use back burners when children are in the kitchen, and add stove knob covers. Example: Many adults have suffered a minor burn, but for seniors and young children, burns can be more severe. Making sure to turn unused burners to the OFF positionimmediately after use and advising everyone in the home that something is hot can prevent common burns in the home.

As much as we may think that we are fighting against these hazards in our home, they are still the most common for a reason. Each and every one of us can do more to keep our homes safe for us and others.

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