Does Canadian Home Insurance Cover Pest Control

does Canadian home insurance cover pest control
does Canadian home insurance cover pest control
May 27 2024 3 min read

When it comes to whether or not your home insurance policy covers pest damage, the answer is no.

Since pest damage is considered regular “wear and tear” that is either preventable or the result of homeowner neglect, you will not find any home insurance company that will include this in your policy.


When it comes to pest control – any damage caused by the following examples is excluded from your home insurance coverage.

  • Birds
  • Moths
  • Vermin (e.g. skunks and raccoons)
  • Rodents (e.g. squirrels and rats)
  • Bats
  • Insects
  • Household pets (except loss or damage to building glass)

NOTE: some of this also applies to auto insurance when the damage may be electrical.

Examples of pest-related damage NOT covered by home insurance may include:

  • Damaged fabrics such as quilts, blankets and sweaters caused by moths
  • Structural damage caused by termites
  • Roof and attic damage caused by squirrels
  • Damage to electrical components caused by fire ants
  • Destruction of wallpaper and furniture by cockroaches
  • Mice chewing on insulation and drywall


Since a home insurance claim will not be an option to restore your home from pest damage you’ll want to be observant and proactive in dealing with pest issues.

Here are some signs to keep an eye out for so you can catch the pest issue early:

Droppings. Avid Pests Niagara Extermination lists this as the most common sign of a rodent problem in your home. Look inside your kitchen cabinets and cupboards as this food source is where they like to spend most of their time.

Itchy, irritated skin. Truly Nolen Canada considers this the most obvious sign of a bed bug issue.

Gnaw marks. Other than droppings, gnaw marks are the most common sign of a rodent issue. These could be found anywhere including holes in your walls and ceilings.

Nesting. This can be for birds, rats/mice or Peninsula Pest Control outlines wasps and hornets.


The first step to prevention is observation. Using the tips listed above you should keep an eye out for early signs of a pest issue even before damage has occurred.

Ontario home insurance and pest control

Other ways you can proactively prevent pest control in your home include:

  • Keep your home clean, especially in the kitchen where crumbs can attract a variety of pests
  • Patch openings around your home and garage including decks, doors, windows and foundation to keep pests out
  • Address areas that are attractive to pests around the property including wood piles, debris, accessible and garbage containers
  • Spray white vinegar or other form of ant control around the outside foundation of your home
  • Guard your dryer vent from the outside to help prevent rodents and other pests from getting inside
  • Keep your lawn and landscaping short and tidy so pests don’t have cover from their predators while coming closer to your home

Unfortunately, home insurance won’t be your safety net when it comes to pest damage so we hope the information found here will help you avoid the issue altogether.

Prevention is always the number one line of defence when it comes to keeping your home and family safe and protected.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about this or any other topic related to your insurance.

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