How To Stay Safe On The Roads Series – Spring Edition - hydroplaning

How To Stay Safe On The Roads Series – Spring Edition


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No matter how many years we are on the road, there are always ways to improve vehicles, insurance and driving skills. Erie Mutual has the expertise to better understand a confusing auto insurance policy. We realize it is tough to make informed decisions when auto insurers use complicated language. That is why we are here for our members to explain coverage, options available and what to expect if an accident occurs. Our claims team will take great care of you when you need us.

With spring 2019 well-underway, rain is in our forecasts and that means we run a high-risk of hydroplaning (when the tires on the vehicle ride on top of standing water instead of the surface of the road). Hydroplaning can occur on roads that may be damp post-storm or driving in a torrential downpour.

Here are some tips to help better prepare your vehicle and your driving skills for April showers.

  • This may sound too simple, but it is true! Slowing down when there are any weather conditions that affect regular driving is important. Do not forget: speed limits are exactly that, LIMITS. And they are the recommended limit for when the weather is ideal, so when it is not ideal you need to slow down!
  • Tires are the shoes of your vehicle. Being properly equipped for less-than-ideal weather is ideal, so replace your tires regularly. Driving on slick or bald tires could be life-threatening.
  • It has always been the main point to remember while driving in the rain, cruise control IS dangerous. Hydroplaning happens often and it can be additionally dangerous to take extra time to disable the function before regaining control of the vehicle.
  • It is important to always avoid puddles as it can be tough to tell if it is covering a danger like a pothole or debris. But, additionally it only takes a small amount of water to cause hydroplaning.

Recovering from hydroplaning is not easy, but first and foremost, stay calm. Take your foot off of the gas and calmly steer in the natural direction the vehicle is hydroplaning in. Once you feel the tires reconnect with the road, pull over to calm yourself and resume driving.

We always want our clients to drive safely and prepare for unfavourable driving conditions, but if an accident happens, allow our Erie Mutual claims team to take great care of you when you need us.

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