Insurance 101 – What is Liability Insurance? - apartment

Insurance 101 – What is Liability Insurance?


Liability Insurance

It is surprising how many people do not know what liability insurance is or the purpose of liability insurance. Liability insurance protection has become increasingly important over the years and is an essential element of your full insurance protection.

The professionals at Erie Mutual Insurance assist and aide you to fully understand your insurance needs to recommend an appropriate limit of coverage that fits your needs.

What is Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance is coverage that can protect you from a variety of incidents such as, but not limited to; personal injury, property damage, and more. There are two parts to liability insurance; bodily injury and damage. Erie Mutual Insurance offers a range of insurance including residential, auto, commercial and farm. We understand that our insurance needs are ever changing for our members, and so are we.

Who Needs Liability Insurance?

It is best practice that individuals and businesses have liability insurance whether it be on a rental home, rental property, business, residential property or motor vehicle.

Does Liability Insurance Protect Me or My Business?

Yes, both. Proper liability insurance coverage will protect the insured from risks of liabilities imposed by lawsuits and similar claims.

Who Needs Liability Insurance the Most?

Call us bias, but we feel that everyone needs liability insurance – it just depends on your individual situation, which type of liability insurance you need. We understand that insurance can be complicated and challenging for individuals of all ages, but we are here to help simplify it for you. Our recommendations, suggestions and options will assist you to make informed decisions regarding the insurance coverage that is right for you.


Mindy is 22 years old, just graduated college and is ready to face the world on her own. She is moving to Hamilton, Ontario for her new full-time job. Mindy has her own car that is paid off, but she plans to rent an apartment until she can afford to buy a home. In this scenario, if Mindy were to contact Erie Mutual Insurance, we would learn as much as we can about her situation and recommend the following options: general liability car insurance and tenant insurance. It is important that Mindy is protected from any accidents or incidents that may occur in or to her vehicle and her personal belongings in her rental home need to be protected in the case of damage or theft.

For more information on general liability insurance, contact Erie Mutual Insurance. We are always happy to give you a personalized recommendation and quote for coverage.


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