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Insure Your Farm With Our Experts


Farmers' Insurance

Owning and operating a farm is not what it was years ago, the typical family farm has now become a much larger commercial enterprise in order to survive the competition. A farm family today often includes children furthering their education in post-secondary institutes in areas of business and technology, or other valuable resources to assist in managing and growth of the farm operation

It makes sense that you would want, and require, professional insurance advice on the proper protection, coverage, and limits required so sustain your farm business. In some circumstances, you may find your current insurer does not offer the correct coverage for your agricultural equipment or understand the importance and use items around the farm. That will not be reassuring to you at the time of a loss!

Consider Erie Mutual when deciding on the right insurer for your farm, many of your local mutual insurance companies have been in your neighbourhood for over a century. We understand the work culture and values that our local farm families have instilled through generations. More important, we realize the struggles faced by our members who simply enjoy farming and want to be able to maintain or improve their living through the continuance of what they have grown up knowing and loving. Farming is not just an occupation, it is a way of life for many.

Select an insurer that has agricultural experience, we guarantee their team includes a farm specialist who grew up on a farm or at the very least is rooted in your community and has knowledge about the farm products and coverage you need. Your farm insurance agent will want to tour your farm property with you, will ask you to show them your buildings and explain to them what you do from start to finish in your daily farm operations. They probably already understand most everything about farming, but it is often necessary for them to ask you lots of questions, mostly because they want to know more about your farm. It will help to provide the information needed to offer a farm package that is right for you!

Like most others, we understand you want to save money when it comes to your insurance and other expenses. Your farm specialist will be able to best advise what items need to be insured to full value and if there are discounts available to help in savings of premium – without jeopardizing your coverage or farm business.

Some important farm insurance products should always be discussed. Your agent will likely require some financial details to offer protection against loss of income and farm revenue. Be open and honest at all times.

If you have chosen the right farm insurance agent, they will not be contacting you just to continuously sell you more insurance. They should be there to offer product options and recommend coverage that will protect your farm. Take their advice, listen to the choices offered, and make your decision based on what your farm and family will require in order to keep your farm operating successfully for years to come.


Article Written by Darcy Johnson

Erie Mutual Insurance Manager – Sales, Marketing & Business Development

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