Safe Fall Traditions

Safe Fall Traditions
Sep 14 2020 3 min read

For many, the fall season is the actual most wonderful time of year (sorry Christmas) and lucky for us there should still be plenty to do safely in 2020.

As we leave behind what was one of the strangest summers we have ever experienced, our hope for some type of normalcy is stronger than ever during these autumn months.

While many summer staples were cancelled (concerts, amusement parks, festivals, sporting events etc.,) the same might not be as true for the fall when it comes to some of our favourite traditions.

Granted there will be no big parties or Thanksgiving festivals but when you think about it, some of the best parts of the fall season have naturally built-in safety measures.

Here are some examples:

Note: make sure to call ahead when planning to attend any event, business or public space to inquire about special safety requirements or adjustments to their operations, including hours.


The beauty of the leaves changing is something anyone can enjoy and is not something that can be taken away from us. There are no proposed guidelines that prevent us from taking a drive through country roads or a stroll outdoors to soak in the sights and smells.

While we may not be able to attend the fall classic Balls Falls Thanksgiving Festival in person (although they are running a virtual version of the event) so far nothing is stopping us from taking a hike through Balls Falls or other area trails to enjoy the scenery.


It would be hard to go through the fall without paying a visit to a pumpkin patch. Thankfully many of our local favourites are fully operational (some with curbside pickups available for those interested) so we can still partake in an outdoor stroll among the pumpkins with plenty of space to distance.

We checked and these places are planning to be up and running:


Another outdoor activity that is naturally designed for small groups is walking ghost tours. If you like to add a little spookiness to your fall season (while learning about some legit local history) Niagara on the Lake seems to be the place to be.

Ghost Walks on Queen Street are in full swing and Friends of Fort George should have a Halloween slate of dates available as well.


Pie, fritters, candied. There are so many ways to enjoy farm-fresh apples this time of year but for some, the best part is being able to pick them right off the tree.

To those people, I say: “you like physical labour more than apple pie?! Who are you?” But I also say you’re in luck since there are still plenty of places welcoming you to pick your apples in Niagara

We checked and these places are planning to be up and running:


Gather the corn (both candy and popped) and turn on your favourite Halloween movie for a cosy night in with the family. No masks required! Can be done any night of the week!

If you’re looking for something that won’t keep the young ones up all night, a couple on our families list: are Hotel Transylvania and Halloween Town. For older / appropriate audiences (or for when the kids have gone to bed) I’d like to highly recommend Trick R’ Treat. It’s a modern classic that has quickly become a Halloween staple for many fans of the season. It seems to truly capture that special vibe of Halloween night.

Enjoy the season!

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about this or any other topic related to your insurance.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about this or any other topic related to your insurance.

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