Staying Safe on Halloween

kids staying safe on halloween
Oct 29 2019 2 min read

For many kids and those young at heart, Halloween is the best time of year. What is not to love? Cozy movie nights, parties, fun costumes and of course the candy! With all the excitement on the night of Halloween it becomes easy to forget how dangerous it can be if we are not careful.

Here are 5 ways we can all help make Halloween more fun and less horror:

1. Use reflective stickers.

Most trick or treating happens after dark, making it difficult to spot the little ghosts and goblins rushing from house to house. Even costumes with bright colours can be difficult to see, so we recommend going one step further by attaching reflective stickers to the costumes and candy containers which will bounce light from passing vehicles. This reflection will make it much easier for drivers to spot trick or treators.

  1. Stick to one side of the road.

It is very important to teach kids to only cross roads when they have to while trick or treating by going all the way up one side of the road, and then (if continuing around the corner on the same side is not possible), crossing the road safely at an intersection to complete the other side. Teach your kids that they will be able to visit more houses doing it this way, even though crossing back and forth may seem more efficient to them. If they know there could be more candy in it for them, they will happily oblige!

  1. Wear proper attire.

Sturdy shoes so they no one trips going up a walkway, large eye holes in the masks so they can clearly see their surroundings, nothing obstructing their ears so they can hear someone coming, layers worn underneath the costume so they stay warm. There are many things to consider while trick or treating that will not interfere with their awesome costumes.

  1. Toss unpackaged treats.

We should all know this one by now, but always worth repeating. Unwrapped treats of any kind should be tossed! Even after taking out malice as a factor, open treats could have been accidentally exposed to any type of contaminants so better just to eliminate the risk altogether.

  1. Plan ahead, drink lots of water.

This one is for the adults. Halloween is a big time of year for parties so if partaking you should always plan to take a cab to and from the party and drink plenty of water throughout the night to stay hydrated. Especially with so many kids in the streets, it is important to be extra cautious throughout the night.


Whether you plan on taking your young ones out for their first trick or treating experience, letting your older ones out on their own or enjoying the time of year all to yourself, Halloween can certainly be an amazing day. However if we are not careful the night can quickly go from The Addams Family to a Nightmare on Elm Street.


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