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The Value of an Erie Mutual Home Inspection


Property Insurance, Loss Prevention

Your home is likely the most valued asset you own, and because of that, we believe that every policyholder should insist that their insurance company inspect what they insure. It has taken some insurers and homeowners years to realize the value of home insurance inspections.

To the insurer, it provides the chance to assess a risk and identify issues or concerns which may jeopardize the safety and liability of the property. Erie Mutual utilizes the opportunity of a home inspection to educate and provide loss prevention recommendations to our members. For the homeowner, a physical inspection of your dwelling is of tremendous value. Especially because it will assist to ensure that proper coverage and limits are provided, it is a value-added feature of your insurance purchase.


Erie Mutual will inspect all new risks as soon as possible; however, we understand that this could require us to wait when it comes to real estate closing dates or other concerns and issues which may arise. We are pretty understanding that there may sometimes be a delay. Many times your insurance agent will be able to at least complete a viewing or a driveby of the location prior to the scheduling of a visit by our Loss Prevention Representative.


We realize that things change over time, that includes additions or updates to your home. Unfortunately, it also means that there are sometimes concerns in regards to declining overall condition if maintenance and upkeep have not been a priority for the homeowner. We currently visit our farm members every two years and our residential owners once every five years. Major changes resulting from renovation and additions or concerning recommendations may require that we adjust this cycle for an earlier visit to address your individual policy and coverage accordingly.


We inspect all risks ourselves. Erie Mutual wants a first-hand look at what we insure. Not that others may not be qualified, but your home is too important to us to just simply accept this information from another provider. Our team of experts includes a Loss Prevention Representative who is professionally qualified to complete the inspection. This person often has previous experience in aspects of general contract building as well as a license in electrical and training in basic WETT certification. As with all of our staff, they are very personable and respectful of your home. Feel free to ask questions during the visit as we pride ourselves on loss prevention efforts that will help to keep your family safe.


Absolutely free, that is the best part. We appreciate your business and it is our job and pleasure to make sure you are properly insured and protected by an Erie Mutual policy. Who better to inspect your home than the company that insures it? Just part of the extra value you receive as an Erie member.


In most cases, yes. To complete a proper and thorough inspection we will require access to both the exterior and interior of your home. Our Loss Prevention Representative will respect the privacy of areas throughout the house but will ask to view such items as the breaker or fuse panel, the sump pump and any areas where smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors or fire extinguishers are kept. We make every attempt to schedule the visit at your convenience, and we know that work and family schedules may limit your availability. We also ask that an adult be home when we come to visit, we will not enter the property if only a child is home at the time. Someone who has some general knowledge of the house is best if possible, we may have questions regarding the age of the roof, plumbing or other essentials and any information you can provide in regards to updates or work in progress is greatly appreciated. Our representative may also need to share some recommendations or suggestions to reduce risks or potential hazards to the homeowner.


Article Written by Darcy Johnson

Erie Mutual Insurance Manager – Sales, Marketing & Business Development

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