Commercial Insurance: Emerging From Lockdown

May 20 2020 2 min read

Individually we all have different questions as we begin to emerge from lockdown:

  • How can I stay safe?
  • Are my clothes still in style?
  • How do I lose the pandemic 15?
  • Will there be a second wave?
  • What month is it?
  • What is that glowing hot ball in the sky?

While more of us start to figure out life in the new normal, businesses are doing the same with new procedures, measures, hours or even services. As business owners focus on what adjustments they need to make in order to operate successfully, we wanted to draw a little attention to some items that are a little more basic and practical.


As restaurants knock off the dust and get back at it, they should first take a close look through their inventory to make sure nothing past its prime gets served. In some cases, restaurants will begin to open up after months of inactivity so it will be important to make sure the ingredients they have on hand are fresh and safe. The last thing any restaurant needs right now is a health code violation.


When was the last time the sinks were used or toilets flushed? If it has been weeks or months, there may be a concern of metal pipe erosion or growth of pathogens.

While getting organized to open, make sure to run all your hot water faucets for 15 minutes followed by your cold water faucets for 5 minutes. Flush every toilet in the building at least once and test all appliances such as ice makers, dishwashers and dehumidifiers.


For similar reasons as flushing the water lines, all equipment should be cleaned, tested and tuned up before firing up operations again.

It is important to identify any potential hazards that have presented themselves while the equipment was sitting dormant. It will be better to find an issue now than in the middle of a busy week back.


Even as more businesses open up, customers will continue to gravitate to places where they feel safe. Many will not be comfortable entering into a place of business for quite a while so you will find it important to continue to offer curbside pickup (if able to) for those that want the option.


Is your business now open? Let people know! Post it on your Google listing, website, social media channels, exterior signage and anywhere else available to you.

In a lot of cases customers may not know for sure whether or not a business is open and to what degree. It will be essential to inform customers as much as you can on a consistent basis so people have the confidence to know how and if you are open.

We are all excited and anxious to get back into the groove and this is more accurate a statement than ever for business owners. Before you jump in, for the sake of your personal and financial health, we highly recommend a thorough review of your property and equipment using tips like the ones listed above.

Equally important, if you have suspended any insurance coverage while your business was in lockdown mode be sure to contact your insurance agent. Ask them to reestablish full coverage under your commercial policy to ensure that your business is now fully protected once again.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about this or any other topic related to your insurance.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about this or any other topic related to your insurance.

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