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How Does Commercial Insurance Protect – Contractors


Commercial Insurance

Continuing our series of how commercial insurance can protect specific industries, this blog is for contractors. Catering to your needs, if your business operations do not fit within our current packages, we will work through the nooks and crannies and customize a package. We offer Contractor, Residential & Commercial Realty, Office, Bed & Breakfast, Church, and Home Based Business Packages. Each package contains a specific list of extensions and limits that are catered to the needs of that particular business operation.

We know that as a contractor you have a lot to juggle, literally. Our representatives are very familiar with your industry and have even worked within to gain an in-depth knowledge of what your work is all about. Knowing that your coverage has been custom crafted to protect your business gives you peace of mind. Erie Mutual understands that special contractors insurance is valuable, and this includes a mix of policies, endorsements and services that properly protects you.

Your risks become our personalized solutions and we cover your liability, such as contractor liability coverage, damage to others property in your care, and business auto. Installation Floaters are a common coverage area for contractors. This intends to provide protection to items that are installed at your customer premises. Miscellaneous Floaters are intended to cover property that is away from any of the insured business locations that are listed on their policy.

Your property is important to you and if there is any vandalism to your business, fire damage to your equipment or other. Protecting your property is the intent of Equipment and Stock coverage. We will discuss your options with you and ensure proper limits are in place. Your tools are easily one of your most valuable assets, so if stolen from your building, at a job site or somewhere else, we can help you protect those assets too!

When you work as a contractor, when not working, you cannot make any earnings, Erie Mutual understands that. We resource various types of business owners to find coverage based on their needs. If you suffer a loss, we want to make sure you will not also lose out on income.

We also understand that you may run your contracting business from your home. There are very specific coverages available for home based businesses, so we work with you to make sure your business is covered as well as any corporation name involved.

With all things, there are risks involved and regarless if it may be constructing a building, adding fixtures, and using equipment at a job site, we are here to protect you with the proper insurance coverage and limits required.

Our dedicated team is committed to the Erie Mutual core values and will provide you with the insurance experience you expect.

Contact Erie Mutual Insurance for an insurance quote today!

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