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How Does Commercial Insurance Protect – Motels Edition


Commercial Insurance

As an extension of our previous blog, What is Liability Insurance, this is how commercial liability insurance protects our members. More specifically, our members who own motels.

Our commercial insurance packages allow you to focus on inviting rooms, friendly service, and great amenities. We handle the rest. Erie Mutual Insurance has created special insurance packages for hospitality-oriented businesses like bed and breakfasts and motels.

We believe that having the right protection in place lets you focus on what you do best; running your business.


Off-premises property coverage

Building ordinance and law coverage

Liability for guests property coverage

Equipment breakdown coverage

Income protection coverage (Loss of Income and Business Interruption)

Commercial General Liability (CGL) coverage

Products and completed operations coverage

In addition, Erie Mutual Insurance understands that going the extra mile means a lot. Here are a few examples of additional coverage we would typically discuss and assess your exposure and potential insurance needs:

Data Breaches
Sewer backup and Flood coverage
Employee dishonesty
Electronic data coverage
Valuable papers
Forgery and alteration
Accounts receivable

Offering great service to those who do the same is important for us. We have tools and resources available for motel owners to help identify and reduce common business risks.

Our support teams have special training in your industry and are experienced in serving businesses like yours. If you have a claim, you can rest easy knowing that Erie Mutual stands behind its promise of service.

We are always quick to respond and offer after-hours emergency claims service, so help is always close by.

Get an Erie Mutual Insurance commercial quote today!

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