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Things Farmers Do Series – Spring Edition


Farmers' Insurance

Welcome to our Series, Things Farmers Do, Spring Edition. With years of experience in the farming and growing industry, Erie Mutual provides the right insurance coverage that protects your farm at a competitive price. Like the agri-business, seasons change and that means Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter months to adjust to on your farm.

Spring is easily the busiest season of all on the farm, and understanding your tasks is the first step in being able to properly organize your time to enhance productivity.

Just a few Things Farmers Do in the Spring are:

  • For seeds to sprout and crops to grow, water is vital, but it can also wash out dirt roads and flood your fields. Drainage is essential. Also, inspect livestock to ensure they do not encounter any food trouble due to additional water.
  • For Maple farmers, tapping trees and making maple syrup is a wonderfully sweet and healthy crop option. Trees are tended for carefully and sap is processed into syrup for locals to purchase.
  • Warmer weather is wonderful and livestock happily goes outdoors, but be sure to inspect all pastures and fences and complete any needed repairs before turning the livestock out.
  • Baby cows, horses, and goats can be the most adorable addition to the farm, but it is important to protect them and monitor them and their mothers before the newborns arrive. Call your local large-animal veterinarian if you have specific questions or concerns.
  • Once the weather clears, it can seem like a rush to plow and plant crops, but this is an important step that should not include shortcuts. Utilizing manure or fertilizer can be the best way to ensure the best conditions for planned crops. It is also a best practice to test the soil. Also, properly clean and maintain tools and equipment to be used for tending to fields.

As always, refer to the handy Old Farmer Almanac to best predict weather patterns and care for livestock and crops properly.

Looking to properly protect your farm as the weather warms and sprouts blossom?

Contact Erie Mutual Insurance for an insurance quote today

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