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Things Farmers Do Series – Summer Edition


Farmers' Insurance

Welcome to our Series, Things Farmers Do, Summer Edition. With years of experience in the farming and growing industry, Erie Mutual provides the right insurance coverage that protects your farm at a competitive price. Like the agri-business, seasons change and that means Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter months to adjust to on your farm.

Summer for farmers means that planting is over, but now what? There is still plenty to do around the farm, including care for crops and tend to livestock. We said Spring is one of the busiest seasons for farmers, but Summer is not far behind.



Before Summer crops can be planted, it is always important to prepare the soil. So test, test, test! If the quality of soil is low, farmers need to improve it by applying organic matter (manure) or ridding of soil salinity. Once the soil is ready, it is important to decide what crops they want to plant; corn, cucumbers, melons, and tomatoes are just a few to choose from.


The weather can be quite unpredictable most times, but especially in the Summer. Many farmers utilize shade nets to shade cool-weather crops or other modes of controlled shade to keep plants healthy.


Weeds are in full swing during Summer! They tend to steal crops of soil nitrogen and stored soil water, so they have to go.


It is wonderful that the farm livestock gets to spend more time outside, but that means more maintenance. Farmers must ensure that animals do not get overheated by implementing air circulation systems in barns and providing fresh, cool drinking water. Having a misting system, water pool, pond, or mud wallows also help keep livestock cool!

Summer is definitely another busy season for farmers. We cannot let the sunshine distract us from protecting what is important to us and remember to stay safe! Many farmers are known for their infamous farmers tan, but remember to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water. Implementing proper safety measure when doing chores or working with equipment is also very important to stay safe on the farm.

As always, refer to our handy Old Farmers Almanac to best predict weather patterns and care for livestock and crops properly. Looking to properly protect your farm as the weather warms and sprouts blossom?

Contact Erie Mutual Insurance for a farm insurance quote today!

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