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Things Farmers Do Series – Winter Edition


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Ontario is home to over 25% of all Canadian farms. At last count according to 2016 Census, there are over 49,000 farms run by over 70,000 farm operators within Ontario alone and contrary to what some people may believe, we have yet to meet a single one who shuts down during the winter.

The job of a farmer never ends.

While the planting, growing and harvesting seasons of spring and summer are often the busiest time of year for most farmers, the winter is when our growers take stock of the previous season and start preparing for the next.

A farm operator wears many hats, especially during the winter.


Some equipment can have hundreds of moving parts, each vulnerable to the wear and tear caused by heavy use. Winter is when the equipment is repaired and improved so that it will be ready for the next round.


Modern farming equipment could have integrated technology that requires its own type of maintenance when not in use including software updates. Many farmers also take advantage of web based technologies by having their own website and database that needs some attention throughout the year and winter is normally the best or only chance our farmers have to do so.


The health and well-being of animals is a top priority for farmers who deal with livestock. Whether it be horses, cows, goats or chickens, special care and attention is required to ensure the safety of their animals. This includes making sure any water and feeding equipment is well maintained and in working order, especially during the cold weather, while at the same time ensuring the animals themselves are protected from the elements since frostbite can be a real threat.


Some farms will receive many truckloads of material ahead of the spring planting season that all needs to be ordered, received, inventoried and organized in a timely manner.


When they not busy executing their plan during the rest of the year, winter is when they are working on their next plan for the upcoming season. This involves researching new technology and methods that they can implement for more efficient and cost effective growing. They also take this time to review data from previous years so they can properly plan a new budget going forward.

So while we sit down to our holiday meals this year, let us not forget to thank a farmer. Just like us they too may be enjoying their own down time with family before getting back into the grind in the New Year.

Winter is here, but spring is just around the corner.

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