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Farm Insurance

Years of experience in the farming and growing industry, Erie Mutual can provide you with a range of insurance coverage that provides the right protection for your farm at a competitive premium.

Erie Mutual knows and understands agri-business both on an operational and a personal level. Our members enjoy peace of mind when they place their trust in an experienced neighbour. Farm insurance specialists will recommend and provide you with optional coverage beyond your basic package. We put on our boots and walk the farm with you, we want to see every aspect of your operation. It’s hard work to keep your farm sustainable, let us make sure you’ve got the insurance to keep it that way.

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Learn More About What Areas We Cover

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Buildings used for livestock, equipment or machinery are an essential element of your farm operations. Insured buildings must be listed on your policy and are subject to a deductible and rebuilding clause. Let’s discuss the farm use and value of each building so we understand it’s use.

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Machinery and Equipment

Inclusive of equipment and machinery of any farm purpose and value must be listed on your policy to have coverage in the event of a loss due to an insured peril. We know a lot, but share with us what each item is used for, we’d love to learn and understand even better.

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Produce, Seed and Feeds

Most often kept in storage, including silos, but become easily susceptible to the potential of a loss. Let us know if the amounts during the year fluctuate, we can adjust your policy accordingly.

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Includes farm animals which the farm derives direct income including dairy, poultry and other. Coverage may also be extended to non-owned livestock, and can also include saddle animals. Some animals may only require your farm liability, but let’s talk about the livestock that makes your farm successful.

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Loss of Income Following an Insured Property Loss

You can’t afford to not have a regular farm income in prime season, loss of Income must be purchased separately, but it provides coverage for that income lost when an insured peril has slowed or halted your farm operations. We understand bills still need to get paid, and other expenses don’t go away when your income stops.

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Additional Farm Liability Exposure

Farm liability is available for those additional risks you may have that are unique to farming. You may have ponds or offer custom spraying that you’ll want to know are covered. Do you farm any other locations other than yours? Let’s get that covered too.

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Loss of Use on Farm Equipment

Don’t let a breakdown ruin a great farm season, when equipment is essential, purchasing additional protection is a must. Don’t leave your farm stranded, get the coverage you need to keep working the field.

Finding the Right Insurance Solution for You



Full coverage on all livestock, equipment, and buildings with full insurance. Loss of Income, Equipment Breakdown and Farmer’s Accident to keep your farm fully protected.



Buildings, livestock, and equipment that is essential to your farm operations. Protect the items you can’t afford to lose.



Selected key items of equipment and those buildings which will maintain an active farm.


Farm Liability
Loss of Income
Farmers Accident
Equipment Breakdown
Rec – Recommended
Bas – Basic
Min – Minimum
* – Some

Frequently Asked Questions

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Norm Mackenzie

Account Executive

Yes, packages are available for farm operations (example: Dairy Package) which offer inclusive coverage typical of this type of farm business. We will always find solutions for your farm coverage needs that do not fit within a package, additional coverage is available for your farm policy. We want you to have the best coverage, let us work together to give your family peace of mind.

Farmer’s Accident Insurance plan must be purchased and is intended to provide coverage for farmers so that an injury will not prevent important farm activities from getting done. Payment up to policy limits cover the expense to hire replacement labour, and severe injuries suffered within 365 days of the farm accident are paid according to a list on severity and amount. You may still want to consider additional coverage outside of what this can offer, but it’s a good start to have something in place.

Coverage for non-owned livestock is available to be added to your policy upon request and we will insure you for the livestock of others (there is coverage included in larger farm packages). Speak with an Erie Mutual Farm Specialist to determine the appropriate limit of insurance needed under your policy. Tell us about the livestock, do you keep more at certain times of the year. We can adjust accordingly, and amend limits when the value of the livestock fluctuates on the market.

Sorry, proper insurance protection for all terrain vehicles is secured under an auto insurance policy and is not included as either contents or equipment under a farm policy. The auto insurance policy provides for liability insurance, but more importantly, it can offer the necessary physical damage coverage (including theft, and this happens often), and accident benefits if anyone is injured while operating the vehicle. We recommend you discuss the use and operation of any ATV with our professional insurance advisor.

Have other questions?

Contact one of our farm specialists today.

Member Testimonials

“Erie Mutual is one of the greatest companies to deal with … Amazing customer service and prompt replies! Would never consider another company after being with them. Thanks Erie Mutual!”

Tina SipkensErie Mutual Member (Caledonia)

“Erie Mutual insures our home, automobiles, cottage and rental properties. They treat us like family with exceptional service by phone, email and even text. Regardless of what we need to be insured, I always know a call to Erie will find a solution and offer the right protection.”

Stacy StanleyErie Mutual Member (Dunnville)

“Please accept my apology for not notifying you of insurance cancellation on my dad’s house. You were one of the most helpful during the difficult time in settling his affairs, the banks and government should follow your example of professionalism.”

Jim PothFamily of Erie Mutual Member (Port Colborne)

“The true value of being with Erie Mutual is the people and service. I trust their professional advice for my insurance, I never worry if I have the proper coverage or the right amount of insurance”

Paul JacksonErie Mutual Member (Grand Bend)

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See How We Helped Change Our Members’ Lives

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Our professional insurance team will explain changing auto insurance regulations, they can be confusing. We want you to understand the decisions you make about coverage that will keep your family protected on the road.

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Your commercial insurance package can be amended as your business grows to ensure you’re properly covered. Your business is your livelihood, we want you to know the proper coverage will always be in place to get your business back on track should anything happen.

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We’ve got all your home insurance needs covered, including any seasonal or rental property. Your policy will provide all the protection you need, at all the locations you want.

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