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Property Insurance

Your home is where you spend most of your time building memories with family, and it’s probably your largest financial investment. Experiencing any loss or damage to your home can be emotionally and financially stressful, we’ll help you recover from this loss.

Home has a different meaning for many people. You might prefer to own your own house, with a nice size yard. As an empty nester, owning a condo to call home makes sense as it allows you the freedom to simply lock your door and travel. For others, an apartment might be the right choice. Regardless of what you call home, we will always have a solution to protect you and your family, we can also include a seasonal residence or personal umbrella liability coverage if necessary.

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Homeowner Residence

If a house is what you call home, we can provide protection for the building itself and your personal property. If you could flip your house upside down and shake it, whatever fell out would be considered your personal property.

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Tenants Personal Property

When renting a house or apartment you will need to insure your own personal property. This includes your clothing, furniture, and all personal items, even the appliances if you own them.

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Rental Units (including loss of Rental Income Coverage)

Some homes may have a separate unit that you can rent out. Your homeowner’s insurance will cover this space, as well as the rental income lost if the unit became unliveable due to an insured claim.

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Seasonal Residence

Getting away to the family cottage is a great way to beat the stress of daily living and spend time with family. It could be a cabin in the woods, or a mobile home permanently parked, we have you covered.

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While the corporation takes care of most of the building itself, as an owner you need to protect your personal property (similar to tenant insurance). You can also include coverage for any improvements you have made to make this unit your own.

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Personal Umbrella

We all hope it never happens, but if you are ever sued liability coverage is part of every Erie Mutual home insurance plan. Personal umbrella coverage can add an extra layer of liability protection to your home, or even your auto insurance, for when you need it.

Finding the Right Insurance Solution for You



Your home is where you spend most of your time building memories with family, and it’s probably your largest financial investment. Experiencing any loss or damage to your home can be emotionally and financially stressful, we’ll help you recover from this loss.



Named Perils Coverage, Replacement Cost for personal property and buildings up to limits, sewer backup coverage, as well as full liability protection.



Named or Limited Perils Coverage, Depreciated limits on building and personal property, but still maintaining full liability protection.


Flood Protection
Sewer Backup
Guaranteed Replacement Coverage (GRC)
Liability Protection
Fire & Wind Damage
Rec – Recommended
Bas – Basic
Min – Minimum
* – Some

Frequently Asked Questions

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Lauren Horton

Account Executive

That is a very real concern for everyone, especially if you know a friend or family member that has suffered such a devastating loss. It’s our priority to ensure that every property insurance policy has the right coverage and proper limits in place. We go the extra mile when it comes to home insurance, offering regular loss prevention visits and routine evaluation checks to make sure you’re insured to value, that means that should you lose everything in a claim, we’ll put you back in the same position you previously enjoyed before the loss.

If you have a claim for water damage, it’s important to know the source of the water. Your coverage will depend on the what caused the damage and the insurance you’ve purchased. We offer a range of insurable options that include basic water escape from pipes or appliances, to sewer backup, to a full water protection endorsement that includes flooding. Not everyone qualifies for all coverage, but we’ll advise and make you aware of the options available depending on your property location and risk assessment of our loss prevention team.

The answer is yes, anytime that you assume more of the risk by covering a larger portion of a loss via your deductible will result in a lower premium. Some feel that the only time they would claim against their insurance policy is for a major loss or damage. If you agree, then carrying a higher deductible and saving some money on a lower premium makes sense. This applies to all lines of insurance, but savings may vary depending on the amount of increase in your deductible, our professional insurance advisors can discuss options and savings with you to find the best fit at your comfort level.

Erie Mutual takes loss prevention very seriously, as we would also hope all our members do as well. Our company believes that everyone who places their insurance coverage with Erie Mutual deserves the very best customer experience, that includes the added value of our loss prevention efforts. To us, it’s inconceivable how large stock insurance companies can offer proper insurance protection to homes they have never seen, or why someone would trust to insure with a company that has never visited or even taken pictures.

We arrange for our Loss Prevention team to visit every new property we insure, as well as schedule regular visits at the time most convenient for you every four years (two years for farm policies). The visit to your property allows us to assess any changes or updates made since our previous visit, or in the case of a first-time visit, it also gives us a visual to identify any risks or safety concerns which should be corrected to ensure the safety of you and your family. Loss prevention visits provide an opportunity to educate and inform Erie Mutual members, it’s part of the great relationship we’ve built over years with each of our members. Our members appreciate that their insurer is truly concerned with their family’s overall safety and well-being.

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Member Testimonials

"We have been Erie Mutual members for more than a decade and have always been very satisfied with the friendly, prompt service. The Loss Prevention Representative always has useful tips when he visits. The entire team is quick to respond to any questions and any claims have been dealt with professionally at all times."

Lisa MainErie Mutual Member (Dunnville)

“Erie Mutual has been a fantastic insurance company for our auto and home needs. Gary was extremely supportive, knowledgeable and kind when establishing our policies, he left no stone unturned and was very thorough in completing the policies. Our home inspection was very educational regarding fire safety and the protection of our family. I was so pleased and comfortable with Erie Mutual that I recommended the company to my family and friends, and will continue to do so. In a small town word of mouth is the best form of advertising.”

Gina McInteeErie Mutual Member (Dunnville)

"A severe windstorm blew shingles off my roof. Erie Mutual arranged for a roofing crew to correct the damage and within short order my roof was repaired to my full satisfaction."

Wm HoncharErie Mutual Member (Selkirk)

"In the recent loss of our house due to a fire the Erie Mutual staff were always willing to offer assistance with smiles and kindness. Special thanks to the Claims Manager who knows his job well and was always there for us."

Calvin & Connie CrumbErie Mutual Member (Dunnville)

“We are very happy with the Erie Mutual service over the last 30 years, and with all the great service we receive from our Account Executive."

Robert & Dianna MiskolcziErie Mutual Member (Dunnville)

Read the Latest News

The idea of a house fire happening to us seems rare, but it is a common, unforeseen and an extreme event that happens more often than you think. Being a homeowner is a great privilege, but it comes with more responsibility than hosting dinner parties. You call your house your home, it is your shelter. Erie Mutual Insurance will provide protection for your home and your personal property. Fires are a common household accident and we will be here for you if a fire damages your home.

September 5, 2019 3 Min Read

As a homeowner, we understand that there are many things that need taken care of, but these are 5 dangers that should never be ignored. We hope to bring our members valuable information that will help them identify and eliminate these dangers.

August 6, 2019 3 Min Read

Erie Mutual Insurance agrees that vacations are good for you but as excited as we get, we cannot forget to protect our homes even when we are away. Home burglary often happens while owners are out of town.

July 3, 2019 2 Min Read

See How We Helped Change Our Clients’ Lives

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Our professional insurance team will explain changing auto insurance regulations, they can be confusing. We want you to understand the decisions you make about coverage that will keep your family protected on the road.

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Your commercial insurance package can be amended as your business grows to ensure you’re properly covered. Your business is your livelihood, we want you to know the proper coverage will always be in place to get your business back on track should anything happen.

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When your farm means everything to you, we provide comfort in knowing you’re insured by neighbours who know farm insurance. Erie Mutual has been protecting farmers for over 145 years.

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