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RSVP Today! Protecting your Farm- An Erie Mutual Seminar

Date: Friday, February 27, 2015 from 9am-1pm
(Doors open at 8:45am, start time 9:15am)
Location: Dunnville Community Lifespan Centre, 275 Ramsey Drive, Dunnville, ON

Erie Mutual is hosting a seminar to help you better understand your farm insurance policy and our loss prevention efforts. You do not have to be a Erie policyholder to attend. Door prizes and lunch included!

Check out the agenda below to see all the speakers. Erie Mutual Loss Prevention, Claims, and Sales Agents will be available for discussion during the seminar. 

Please RSVP to Stephanie as there is limited seating available!

 or 905-774-8566 or talk to your Agent/CSR! 


8:45 am- Doors open

9:15 am- Opening remarks/Welcome
9:20 am- Norm Mackenzie, Agent, Erie Mutual Insurance: Insured value on barns & additional coverages
10:00 am- Mark Foster, OPP: ATV & Farm Safety
10:30 am- Break
10:45 am- Randy Drysdale and Chuck Salvalaggio, FMRP: Loss Prevention
11:30 am- Lorne Lantz: Stray Voltage
12:30 pm- Closing remarks

ATTENTION Policyholders

**If you have converted to only having a cell phone, please talk to your agent or CSR so we can ensure your information is up to date for when we need to contact you about your policy. Thanks in advance!**


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    That's certainly been the case this winter. Environment Canada has issuedseveral extreme weather warnings, predicting bone-chilling temperatures of -30 degrees and -40 degrees Celsius in some instances. 

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  • Feb9Mon

    Erie Mutual is an ICTA 2015 finalist.

    February 9, 2015
    Erie Mutual has been selected as a finalist for the 2015 Insurance Canada Technology Award. Many thanks to Stan Ivanovic and his team from Environics Analytics for nominating us and for being our key partner! Mary Bacher- Chief Operating Officer & Darcy Johnson- Manager, Marketing & Business Development, have been instrumental in driving our marketing efforts over the past 3 years and they are to be congratulated for the success we are beginning to experience.
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