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  • Aug27Wed

    Erie Mutual's Health & Wellness update

    August 27, 2014
    On July 18th, 2014 Erie Mutual celebrated the end of its second BodyFit Plus program! To reward everyone’s hard efforts we enjoyed an afternoon of healthy food and games outside. Prizes were awarded for those with the most bodyfit points, most weight lost, most inches lost off of waist and body fat lost.
  • Aug19Tue

    Investigation reconfirms importance of smoke detectors

    August 19, 2014

    Had a home been outfitted with the proper number of smoke alarms, a fatal fire in a Toronto suburb might very well have been avoided, according to the results of a recent investigation undertaken by the Office of the Fire Marshal.

    Ontario residents might recall a home fire that took place in Sharon this past March, wherein four family members tragically died after not being able to escape from the home in time. The Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal has since released its results on the factors that likely played a role in the deadly blaze.

  • Aug14Thu

    No matter its form, exceeding speed limit never permissible

    August 14, 2014
    Anyone who's ever driven a car knows that when approaching even a moderate decline in a road, momentum enables the vehicle to "coast" along, moving a vehicle at a pretty good rate of speed depending on how steep the descent is. Because the laws of physics make this a reality, is it permissible to exceed the speed limit on these portions of the road, given that riding the brakes is bad for an automobile?


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